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ECHO Procedures

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ECHO Workbook

Baby-OSCAR: ECHO Workbook V2

The following website site is a free resource designed to help neonatologists, paediatricians, nurse practitioners, ultrasonographers and even cardiologists build on their skills in neonatal echocardiography.  To access the website, please follow this URL:

Guidance Sheets

The following guidance sheets give instruction in the various trial procedures.  There are 7 sheets in total.

Sheet 1: Recruitment (for recruting sites); Baby-OSCAR Guidance Sheet 1: Recruitment V5

Sheet 2: Randomisation (for recruiting sites): Baby-OSCAR Guidance Sheet 2: Randomisation V4

Sheet 3: Intervention (for recruiting sites); Baby-OSCAR Guidance Sheet 3: Intervention V5

Sheet 4: Completion of case report forms (applicable to any site); Baby-OSCAR Guidance Sheet 4: Completion of Case Report Forms V4

Sheet 5: Transfer of babies (applicable to any site); Baby-OSCAR Guidance Sheet 5: Transfer of Babies V3

Sheet 6: Pharmacovigilance and safety monitoring (applicable to any site); Baby-OSCAR Guidance Sheet 6: Pharmacovigilance and Safety Monitoring V4

Sheet 7: Emergency queries (applicable to any site); Baby-OSCAR Guidance Sheet 7: Emergency Queries V3



Baby-OSCAR: Eligibility/Screening Log V1

Training records

Baby-OSCAR: Training Log V1

Training Slides & Materials

Background & Rationale PPT

Informed Consent & Enrolment PPT

IMP Management PPT

Data Collection PPT

Adverse Event Reporting PPT

Echocardiography & Images PPT

Article: Parental Responsibily

Article: Importance of follow-up

Article: BCSH Guidelines for Neonatal Haemostasis and Thrombosis

Article: Creatinine Values, Thayyil

Trial Intervention Stock Flowchart

Baby-OSCAR Updates

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