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Neonatal Staff

ECHO Procedures

ECHO Workbook

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Baby-OSCAR: ECHO Workbook V2

NeonatalEchoSkills is a free resource designed to help neonatologists, paediatricians, nurse practitioners, ultrasonographers and even cardiologists build on their skills in neonatal echocardiography.

Guidance Sheets

The following guidance sheets give instruction in the various trial procedures. There are 7 sheets in total.

Sheet 1: Recruitment (for recruting sites)

Sheet 2: Randomisation (for recruiting sites)

Sheet 3: Intervention (for recruiting sites)

Sheet 4: Completion of case report forms (applicable to any site)

Sheet 5: Transfer of babies (applicable to any site)

Sheet 6: Pharmacovigilance and safety monitoring (applicable to any site)

Sheet 7: Emergency queries (applicable to any site)



Baby-OSCAR: Eligibility/Screening Log V1

Training records

Baby-OSCAR: Training Log V1

Training Slides & Materials

Background & Rationale PPT

Informed Consent & Enrolment PPT

IMP Management PPT

Data Collection PPT

Adverse Event Reporting PPT

Echocardiography & Images PPT

Article: Parental Responsibily

Article: Importance of follow-up

Article: BCSH Guidelines for Neonatal Haemostasis and Thrombosis

Article: Creatinine Values, Thayyil

Trial Intervention Stock Flowchart

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