Xinyang Hua BEcon, MBBS, MSc, PhD

Researcher in Health Economics


Xinyang Hua relocated to UK and joined the NPEU as a researcher in health economics in October 2018, after completed her PhD study at the University of Melbourne in August of the same year. Before moving to Australia she studied and obtained her Bachelor and Master degrees at Peking University in China.

Her research interest includes health economics evaluation and simulation modelling. She is currently involved in an economics evaluation looking at long-term outcomes following preterm birth.


Five selected publications

  1. Knight M, Chiocchia V, Partlett C, Rivero-Arias O, Hua X, Hinshaw K, Tuffnell D, Linsell L, Juszczak E, Enderby H, Thakar R. Prophylactic antibiotics in the prevention of infection after operative vaginal delivery (ANODE): a multicentre randomised controlled trial. The Lancet. 2019 May 13.
  2. Hua X, McDermott R, Lung T, Wenitong M, Tran-Duy A, Li M, Clarke P. Validation and recalibration of the Framingham cardiovascular disease risk models in an Australian Indigenous cohort. European Journal of Preventive Cardiology. 2017 Jul 27:2047487317722913.
  3. Hua X, Erreygers G, Chalmers J, Laba TL, Clarke P. Using administrative data to look at changes in the level and distribution of out-of-pocket medical expenditure: An example using Medicare data from Australia. Health Policy. 2017 Apr 30;121(4):426-33.
  4. Hua X, Lung TW, Palmer A, Si L, Herman WH, Clarke P. How Consistent is the Relationship between Improved Glucose Control and Modelled Health Outcomes for People with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus? a Systematic Review. Pharmaco Economics. 2016 Nov 21:1-1.
  5. Hua X, Carvalho N, Tew M, Huang ES, Herman WH, Clarke P. Expenditures and prices of antihyperglycemic medications in the United States: 2002-2013. JAMA. 2016 Apr 5;315(13):1400-2.