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Dr Uchenna Gwacham-Anisiobi BSc (Hons), MD, MPH


Uchenna is a medical doctor with research interests in maternal and newborn health, health promotion, and healthcare quality improvement. She is passionate about improving health indices and access especially for mothers and newborns in low-middle-income countries. She received her medical education from MHAM College of Medicine, Southwestern University Philippines, graduating cum laude. She also obtained her Masters in public health from the University of Liverpool, finishing with a distinction and was the 'student of the year' for the July 2020 graduation cohort.

Uchenna is a Clarendon/Balliol College/NDPH scholar. Her DPhil research seeks to develop a package of interventions for community-level prevention of Stillbirths in Nigeria, under the supervision of Dr. Manisha Nair, Dr. Charles Opondo, and Professor Jenny Kurinczuk. Before her DPhil, she worked as an Associate for a non-profit (Health Strategy and Delivery Foundation) for about six years, where she led and supported local, regional, and national stakeholder teams to design, implement, monitor, and evaluate several health system interventions mostly in Nigeria and other countries in Africa. During the early phase of the COVID-19 pandemic, she was one of the technical facilitators for the Health Systems Strengthening Accelerator COVID-19 Collaborative (National Coordination of Multi-sectoral, Multi-level Pandemic Responses Virtual Collaborative). This was a cross‐country learning platform that facilitated rapid problem solving and exchange of best practices for multi‐sectoral and multi‐level coordination of pandemic responses in participating countries. She also founded and serves as a lead facilitator at Genete Resource Centre for women; a health promotion and support platform serving over 200 pregnant and nursing mothers in Nigeria.


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