Dr Indrani Manoharan PhD, MSc, BSc

Clinical Trial Manager indrani.manoharan@npeu.ox.ac.uk


My role involves managing SurfON Trial and its team within NPEU CTU. SurfON is a NIHR HTA funded multicentre, open label, pragmatic randomised controlled trial of early surfactant therapy versus expectant management in late preterm and early term infants with respiratory distress. The Chief Investigator of the trial is Dr Elaine Boyle, University of Leicester. 

I completed my Masters in Molecular Genetics at the University of Leicester and my PhD in Medical Oncology at the University of Glasgow. After training and working as an academic researcher, I moved into the field of clinical trials to gain a better understanding on how research impacts people in real life. My experience includes working within the healthcare sector (various NHS trusts) across regions in England.

I have lead on a range of trials (CTIMP, non-CTIMP, device trials; phase 1 to 3, industry-sponsored and non-commercial) in oncology, orthopaedics, gynaecology, gastroenterology, wilderness medicine, cardiology, infectious diseases, health behaviours and metabolic diseases, both nationally within the UK and internationally in Europe, USA and Japan. I have also been involved in grant applications and continue to be involved in research publications.

My passion is to transform people‚Äôs lives through research and I believe that I have been able to experience this first hand through my profession.


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